Dienstag, 21. Januar 2014

5 months ago!

Hey Guys,

In english again, well today is the day when I came here exactly 5 months ago. My first semester is over and I still can't believe that everything goes by so fast, sure somehow I want to see my friends and family again too but then on the other hand I don't want to leave either. 
It's just amazing for me to have this experience and those 5 months were already filled with so much joy, tears, happiness, experiences, and love. I can't wait for what is coming the next half because I know it's going to be incredible no matter what! 
I still remember the night I arrived here, everything being so new and unknown, but I knew from the beginning I wouldn't change it for the world that I came here. 
All the friends I have so far, especially my dance team and I have gotten so close lately and I love you all to death already, I will miss you so much. 
Last weekend our dance team had our first performance and I can just say how proud I am, we did a great job and I couldn't imagine how it would be without you girls. 
This weekend we have our second performance and it's going to be so much fun and awesome, we'll rock it, because nobody is messing with my clique! 

I'm sorry that I haven't posted about Chicago yet or New Years etc., I will tomorrow promise, I just had a lot of practice with the upcoming performances and competition to do and finishing this semester with good grades. 

I wish all of you a good start in the second semester or at least soon a good one! xx

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