Montag, 28. April 2014

Would you?

Hey guys, 
this time I want to write in english again for once, just because I want everyone to be able to read this post now. 
I want to write about a serious topic, I don't know if you already heard it or not, but an Exchange Student from Hamburg, Germany, currently living in Montana got shot several times and died from the wounds. Of course I don't know every detail and I don't want to discuss if it was right or wrong either, I have my opinion about it but it has nothing to do on the internet. What I actually want to talk about is that I want all of you to send prayers and hope to his family, I didn't know him and never met him before but I know a lot more about him than some might think. He was an Exchange Student just like me and I probably know all the fears, ups and downs, hopes, dreams, etc. he had and it just makes me very sad to hear that he died during "the best year of his life". He had gone to America with hopes and dreams and after 8 months without seeing his parents and family he probably was in that stage right now where he has mixed feelings towards home, which is totally normal and most of the exchange students have that now, in about 50-55 days (probably) he would have seen his family again, they were all excited and unbelievable happy and excited, maybe nervous, and now? They will never see him again. I don't know what it is that gave me the need to write this now but I knew I had to, maybe because since I heard about it I had to think about it all day long and I exactly now how he felt and there is a special bond between every exchange student because we are all living our, the same dream. I just can't believe that it's real and actually happened, it seems like a movie and even if I didn't know him I feel emptiness and a loss when I think about him, he was so young and had his whole life still ahead of him. I will pray tonight and the rest of my year here for his family and friends, for all the people who knew him, I really hope for every single one of them to feel at least a little better soon, I am so sorry for their loss, I can't describe it. It's weird because I mean a lot of people will probably think now "why is she doing this?", I don't know and I can't explain, I just had the need to. This also made me realize how lucky I am, how lucky all of us are! In the end we all should be so much happier than we are, everyday we wake up with a miracle and nearly nobody smiles about it. You're asking yourself now what's that miracle? - I can tell you, it's waking up and being alive. All of this opened my eyes a little more, we have no safety that we'll be alive and there is nothing that guarantee's it, so shouldn't we appreciate it a little more? 
I had so much fun over the weekend and I enjoyed every single second and I never would have thought for one minute that it could be over the next day. I'm not saying that we should think about that everyday! NO! More like the opposite. Since I've been here I realized how important it is to enjoy everything you have as long as you can and everyday as it would be your last because you never know when it all could be gone. In around 45 days I'll already be sitting on the plane to Washington D.C to meet my father and brother, but there is no guarantee for me to be still alive then, is there? 
All I want to say actually is: Tell the people you love them as long as you can , be nice, enjoy everyday and make the best of it, tell your friends and family how much they mean to you, live your life how you want to, to the impossible, dream, hope, and work on reaching your goals because life is short and you never know when it's going to be over. 

I again thank everyone of my relatives, family members, friends who supported me with all my decisions, gave me hope, believed in me, and gave me so much love! I couldn't ask for better people in my life and I love every single one of you so much (this includes the american parts too of course). I am really lucky to have the life I have and live it and I am very grateful. 

Show love, give love. 

I hope this shows you all how important it is to make something of your lives, everyday because you never know when it might end. 

So if this would be the last day of your life, how would you spend it? 

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