Samstag, 24. August 2013

First Days

Hello Guys! 
I'm finally here, in Harrison OHIO, USA! My flight was all good, I watched movies, ate, slept and spent most of the time listening to music.
After the long time waiting and going through all the security staff I came out and saw my hostmum and hostsister standing there waiting for me with a sweet sign! 
We drove home and I got to meet my hostbrother and hostdad, they showed me their house and my room, I looooooove it by the way, I unpacked all my stuff and actually went to bed cos I was really tired and exhausted.
On thursday I got to see my new gym from the inside the first time and watched my hostbrother playing football and my hostsister playing volleyball, they are both really good at what they're doing!!!
On friday we drove to school to get my schedule done, I took Algebra 2 - a math class, Pe1 - a sports class (1semster) & Team Sports - another sports class where you play games like basketball volleyball etc. but always in separate teams (2semester) , Concert Choir - a singing class , English 10 - I think you all know what I'll do here, Leadership (1semester) - my hostsister said it's something where you learn how to shake each others hands, Astronomy (2semester) - class about the stars and planets, Cinncinati History (1semester) - a history class about Cinncinati & I bet you didn't know that when you saw the name, Forensic Science (2semester) - you learn all the stuff that is showed in shows like Criminal Minds or something like that, that's what they told me!, and last one I took is American History - I guess you know what I'll learn here. 
I love all the courses I took and I can't wait to get in all of them, oh and I also got my locker, a top one YEAH! *-*
I get along with my hostfamily very well and I love the pets, I'm glad that I got this hostfamily and I really appreciate everything they're doing, I just hope that my spoken english gets better soon cos I actually feel like a loser cos I am so shy and don't have the confidence to just speak it, but I think I just have to get used to it and it'll get better soon, it does a little everyday! (My written english is definitely a lot better cos it doesn't matter if I am shy while writing, but I have thwhole year to get into it so yeah I'll make it haha.. ) 
On friday night we went to the Cincinnati Reds Baseball game, it was great seeing professionals play, I was glad that we played it at school before so I knew some of the rules already! 
Today we're just chilling at home and some friends of my hostsister Leah will come over tonight! 
All in all it were wonderful first days and I am so happy to be here, I love my room, the house, the pets, the family, literally everything! 

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